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Hygienic requirements to conditions of the application of technical means of blocking radio signals

  • Pokhodzey L.
  • Paltsev Y.
Дата публикации:01.01.2018
Журнал: Gigiena i Sanitariya
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© 2018 Izdatel'stvo Meditsina. All Rights Reserved. Introduction. Now radio lines of the management of explosions find more and more broad application for the execution of acts of terrorism. The special technical means which are powerful sources of EMP in the range of frequencies of 0.02 – 6.00 GHz by which workers in the course of their production and operation and also the population which has appeared in a radiation zone can be affected, are developed for the suppression of radio-frequency signals of control of explosive devices. Aim of the study. Scientific justification and development of hygienic requirements for the safe use of systems of suppression of radio lines of control of explosive devices (SS RCED). Material and methods. The calculation methods for determining the EMF intensities created by different types of SS RCED (1500 calculations) were used, more than 250 measurements were carried out at different distances from 5 types of SS RCED in the open area and in the offices. Results. Hygienic investigations have allowed to point out 5 categories of the irradiated contingents for which hygienic regulations of EMP on the basis of the analysis of the standard and methodical documents acting in the Russian Federation have been proved. Calculations and natural measurements of the EMP levels from various types of SS RCED in rooms and in the open territory are taken. The technique of forecasting of conditions of radiation taking into account their technical characteristics (range of frequencies, power, etc.), the time of the exposure and distances from sources is offered. The algorithm of carrying out a hygienic assessment of conditions of radiation of personnel and population from SS RCED and a complex of preventive actions are developed. Discussion. Protection of workers by production, service, and operation of SS RCED, has to be carried out by restriction of the time of the impact of EMP taking into account power expositions at different distances from a source, and the population - by determination of safe zones of stay taking into account categories of the irradiated contingents. The technical actions including the organization of remote control of SS RCED and application of means collective (shielding) and/or individual protection are offered. Conclusion. The conducted complex research allowed justifying hygienic requirements for the production and operation of SS RCED and developing the project of SanPiN 2.1.8/2.2.4.xxxx-18 «Sanitary rules and standards of safe use of systems of suppression of radio lines of management of explosive devices of the range of frequencies of 0,02–6,00 GHz».

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