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Differential diagnosis of vertical root fractures with the use of CBCT: A retrospective study

  • Novozhilova N.
  • Byakova S.
  • Makeeva I.
  • Grachev V.
Дата публикации:01.01.2018
Журнал: Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus
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© 2018 Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology.All Rights Reserved. Purpose. To reveal the important clinical and radiologic characteristics of bony defects developing near vertical root fractures according to cone-beam computed tomography findings, which can be used for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of root fractures. Material and methods. Eighty clinical cases suggestive for vertical root fractures were analyzed in the study. Teeth with vertical root fractures confirmed after extraction (n = 65) were divided according to tooth group and fracture propagation pattern as well as associated bone resorption according to cone-beam computed tomography. Clinical and radiographic features of vertical root fractures were compared with the mimicking conditions to reveal the differences. Results. From 80 teeth 65 were fractured; the conditions mimicking vertical root fractures included chronic periodontitis (2 cases), periapical pathology (13 cases), strip perforations (5 cases), and accessory canals (3 cases). The characteristic combination of clinical and radiographic features of vertical root fractures included a deep narrow periodontal pocket (52,3%), dehiscence-like defect of the buccal cortical plate with no or a lesser extent of periodontal destruction reflection on the other sites of the dentition and at the proximal surface(s) of the fractured root. Discussion: The differential diagnosis of vertical root fractures is a challenging task. The detection of fracture with cone-beam computed tomography is not always possible. However, this method may be used for the diagnosis of fractures by ascertaining the form and location of the bony defect. Conclusions. The analyses of characteristic features of the bony defect in conjunction with clinical findings allowed for diagnosis of vertical root fractures.

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