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Studies of narcolepsy in Russia. Historical view

  • Kuts A.
  • Poluektov M.
Дата публикации:01.01.2018
Журнал: Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus


Narcolepsy is a hardly known and obscure disease for Russian doctors while the first description and studying of the disease in Russia occurred almost simultaneously with the rest of the world. The contribution of Russian neurology in the studying of narcolepsy remains underestimated, especially in identifying the clinical features (A. Vein's 'narcoleptic pentad'), the concept of the pathogenesis (hypothalamic syndrome), the determination of provoking factors (postinfectious, postvaccinal reacions) and the use of effective medications (sodium oxybate).

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