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Turning Off the Tap: Using the FAST Approach to Stop the Spread of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in the Russian Federation

  • Miller A.
  • Livchits V.
  • Ahmad Khan F.
  • Atwood S.
  • Kornienko S.
  • Kononenko Y.
  • Vasilyeva I.
  • Keshavjee S.
Дата публикации:13.07.2018
Журнал: Journal of Infectious Diseases
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus
Индекс цитирования: 5


© The Author(s) 2018. Published by Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Background We report the association of the FAST strategy (find cases actively, separate safely, and treat effectively) with reduction of hospital-based acquisition of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the Russian Federation. Methods We used preintervention and postintervention cohorts in 2 Russian hospitals to determine whether the FAST strategy was associated with a reduced odds of converting MDR tuberculosis within 12 months among patients with tuberculosis susceptible to isoniazid and rifampin at baseline. Results Sixty-three of 709 patients (8.9%) with isoniazid and rifampin-susceptible tuberculosis acquired MDR tuberculosis; 55 (12.2%) were in the early cohort, and 8 (3.1%) were in the FAST cohort. The FAST strategy was associated with a reduced odds (adjusted odds ratio, 0.16; 95% confidence interval,.07-.39) and 9.2% absolute reduction in the risk of MDR tuberculosis acquisition. Conclusion Use of the FAST strategy in 2 Russian hospitals was associated with significantly less MDR tuberculosis 12 months after implementation.

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