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Sub-wavelength-resolution imaging of biological tissues using THz solid immersion microscopy

  • Chernomyrdin N.
  • Kucheryavenko A.
  • Kolontaeva G.
  • Schadko A.
  • Beshplav S.
  • Malakhov K.
  • Komandin G.
  • Karasik V.
  • Spector I.
  • Tuchin V.
  • Zaytsev K.
Дата публикации:13.08.2018
Журнал: Proceedings - International Conference Laser Optics 2018, ICLO 2018
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus


© 2018 IEEE. We have proposed a method of THz solid immersion microscopy, which yields imaging soft biological tissues with the sub-wavelength resolution up to 0.2-wavelengths. To achieve this advanced resolution, it employs a solid immersion phenomenon - i.e. a reduction in the dimensions of the THz beam caustic by its formation on a small distance behind the medium featuring high refractive index. We have assembled an experimental setup, which realizes the principles of the THz solid immersion microscopy, and proposed an approach for handling the soft tissue at the object plane. This setup uses a backward-wave oscillator, as a source of continuous-wave THz radiation, and a Golay cell, as a detector of the THz field intensity. We have examined the resolution of the THz solid immersion microscopy using both numerical simulations and experimental studies. Finally, in order to highlight the prospective of the proposed THz imaging modality, we have applied the experimental setup for imaging of representative examples of biological tissues.

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