12 октября 2018
Sechenov University is working on joint Medical English courses with the UK partners

Ms.Tatiana Yatsunova, senior Medical English lecturer at Sechenov University’s Linguistics and Intercultural Communication department, for a week long visited to SLC’s office at the University of Sussex (the UK) in September, 2018.

Sechenov University has been using SLC’s online Medical English courses to support its undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop their subject-specific English language skills in medicine and pharmacy. This enables students to work and research internationally and aligns with the university’s international ambitions.

Ms.Tatiana Yatsunova visited SLC to get an understanding of how they author, publish and manage online learning content as part of a project Sechenov and SLC are working on to customise the courses for the Russian education and professional markets. Her team in Moscow, under the leadership for Professor Irina Markovina, have already made significant headway in terms of writing the Russian elements and this week gave us the opportunity to translate this into e-learning reality. She has already got to grips with the authoring tools and we are on schedule to release the first module by the end of this year.

The full article is available via the link.

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