2 апреля 2018
Vaccine Development and Implementation: From Idea to Product

Professor Margaret Liu, founder of DNA vaccines, gave a lecture “Vaccine development and implementation: from idea to product” at the Congress Center of Sechenov University.

The main topics of the lecture were the following:

-description of the vaccine development process from concept to licensing.
-the main difficulties of development: analysis of those vaccine types, which use in clinical practice led to the development of side effects; 
-optimal design of clinical trials describing the clinical efficiency of a vaccine instead of the characteristics of the candidate formulations;
-features of vaccine development against new diseases and a range of diseases making a comeback;
-vaccine development in accordance with the Animal rule, USFDA
-the most prospective approaches to HIV vaccine development;
-access to vaccines in the countries with low level of health care;
-new trends in anti-tumor vaccines;
 -methods of integration of locally developed vaccines in the international markets.

Professor Margaret Liu is founder of DNA Vaccines, Adjunct Professor at University of California (San Francisco, USA), Foreign Adjunct Professor at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)

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