1 июня 2018
Urologists of Sechenov University presented award-winning video at conference of American Urological Association in San-Francisco

Nine reports were presented by urologists of Sechenov University at the conference of the American Urological Association, which is regarded as the oldest and one of the most prestigious professional forums in the world.  

The reports were devoted to the difficulties of laser surgery in urology, treatment of erectile dysfunction by shock wave therapy. The video focused on laser removal of bladder tumor was recognized the best in the session.
Dr. Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director of the Institute of Uronephrology of Sechenov University, noted that they have presented the results of joint international studies which was conducted together with Professor Andreas Gross (Clinic of Hamburg, Germany) and Professor Olivier Traxer (Clinic of Paris, France) for the first time.
Dr. Enikeev emphasized that today Sechenov University has the best experience in removal of stones with tulium laser, for example. The University is  well equipped, carries out research projects, which is personally supervised by Prof. Petr Glybochko, University's rector. Participation of the world-renowned scientists in our projects attracts more attention to our research results in the professional community.

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