14 сентября 2018
The delegation of Sechenov University took part in the AMEE Annual Conference in Switzerland

The annual conference of the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) was held on August 26-28, 2018 in Basel (Switzerland).
The delegation of the Sechenov University was represented by the AMEE Russian representative office staff members: Prof. Trevor Gibbs, Co-Director of the Russian office, Mr. Zalim Balkizov, international AMEE representative in Russia, Prof. Irina Markovina, Sechenov University’s national representative, Prof. Jonathan McFarland, Sechenov University’s international representative, Ass. Prof. Evgeny Mashkovsky, Executive Director, Department for Sports Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation, and Ms. Sofya Belogubova, AMEE office administrator. 

Ass. Prof. Mashkovsky noted: "It is a great honor to represent our representative office at this international conference dedicated to medical education. It may be regarded as an indicator of the University's transition to the world educational environment. We are convinced that such events will serve as a reference point for further development of the University academic staff members’ professional competencies.” 

Prof. Natalya Serova, Director of the Institute for Digital Medical Education of Sechenov University, and Prof. Trevor Gibbs, met with the members of the AMEE E-learning Committee. Their meeting was ended with development of the working plan till the end of this year.
Prof. Irina Markovina and Prof. Jonathan McFarland together with the academic staff of Johns Hopkins University and Pompeu Fabre University, successfully conducted seminar on Medical Humanities.
Ms. Sofya Belogubova met with students of foreign universities, members of the IFMSA and EMSA (so-called Student Task Force). They have agreed on further cooperation and development of joint projects.
The next AMEE educational course focused on basic skills in medical education will be held at Sechenov University on October 5-8, 2018.
Applications for participation may be sent to amee-russia@mail.ru

AMEE Russian Representative Office was opened in May 2018 at Sechenov University.

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