25 сентября 2018
The 5th Swiss-Russian Health Forum: long-term results & expert opinions

On September 21-22, 2018, the 5th Swiss-Russian Health Forum welcomed prominent political leaders, representatives of various agencies & institutions, scientists and medical doctors at the 5th Swiss-Russian Health Forum. 

“So, the choice of Sechenov University as the Forum platform is not accidental. The University cooperates both with the academic and business community of Switzerland in number of key areas, involving implementation of joint international projects in applied and fundamental science, increasing the academic mobility of the Russian scientists, translation of global international experience in development of the pharmaceutical industry. The joint healthcare forum is a new interaction form between the medical communities of both countries. Combining the possibilities of our scientific and educational institutions, business communities we may respond to the challenges which face modern medicine and health care system much more effectively.” noted Prof. Petr V. Glybochko, the Sechenov University’s rector.  

Under the framework of the Forum Sechenov University, "Roche" Swiss pharmaceutical company, and "Healthy Future" non-profit foundation have signed three-party cooperation agreement. Prof. Petr V.Glybochko, the Sechenov University's rector, emphasized that this partnership should be regarded as a long-term project, which will result in development of telemedicine services, CME system and improving quality of medical care for patients with serious diseases in Russia.

Dr. Philip Kopylov, Director of the Institute of Personalized Medicine, Chairman of the plenary session on Personalized Health, noted:
"Personalized approach to each patient has become a reality. Our task is to develop using this approach to other areas of medicine. We consider Personalized Medicine not only as omix technologies, but also as big data medicine. The introduction of medical solutions based on big data and processed by artificial intelligence is the future of medicine where we already live." 

Prof. Victor Fomin, Vice-rector for Research and Healthcare, Co-chairman of the round table "Management of healthcare quality and safety in medical organizations", told:
"We all have one main goal: to develop our medical organizations so that the quality management systems will be carried out automatically. It is necessary to develop infrastructure in accordance with the new requirements. Otherwise, we will not ensure quality of medical services by making the correct diagnosis, if patients feel uncomfortable in a medical institution. Only creation of a quality management system will allow us to upgrade the level of provided medical care."

"We support strong willingness of Sechenov University to cooperate with the Swiss colleagues in education, research and clinical activities. We are glad that Sechenov University opens your doors to us, shows interest in international cooperation, and we can contribute to its development", — concluded Beatrice G. Lombard-Martin, founder of the Swiss-Russian forum foundation. 

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