10 июля 2018

UK-Russia Summer School in Innovative Surgery, which was held within June 18-28, 2018, and organized with the support of the British Embassy in Russia, successfully finished at Sechenov University!

And what do students say about their participation in the Summer School?

Ms. Mariam Kaviladze, Sechenov University: 
"I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers! Participation in the Summer School gave me great experience in colorectal surgery and served as a powerful motivation for further improvement in my future profession. For such a short period of time we have kept watch over such surgeries as 3D-laparoscopy and robotic operation performed by the robot "Da Vinci". We have mastered the surgical skills of knitting knots, suturing, creating anastomoses and some others." 


Ms. Ayushi Anna Dinesh, King's College London:

"The UK-Russian Summer School is an innovative course that gave participants a comprehensive introduction to Surgical Urology and Coloproctology. The organizers managed to create an unforgettable atmosphere of friendship and cooperation between students from Russia and the UK, who were united by a common passion for surgery.
We were impressed by the hospitality. Thank you for giving us a great opportunity to learn about two surgical fields and to communicate with our Russian colleagues. And now we look forward to further cooperation."

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