24 июля 2018
Sechenov University announces the 5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth

On October 29-30, 2018 Sechenov University will host the 5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth.

This congress aims to facilitate a successful transfer of electronic development to clinical research by bringing the various stakeholders together.  

Digital health will have a great impact on the way doctors and medical professionals interact between themselves and with their patients. New tools and methods will actively change our daily professional activities.   

Clinicians will learn how to apply the most important tools in eCardiology and eHealth to improve their daily work for the benefit of their patients, while researchers, technical experts, industry partners, health authorities and regulators, alike will learn what their real needs are.
It is planned that more than 700 professionals interested in eHealth and eCardiology will attend the Congress.

Please check the official website of the event for detailed information

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