19 июля 2018
Sechenov University urologists have demonstrated advanced surgical technology

Sechenov specialists have used an advanced technology during prostate cancer surgery procedure on July 19, 2018. It was a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in fascia modification and nerve-saving technique.

It's common practice while after surgery for prostate cancer, including use of robotic technologies, 85% of patients face some unpleasant aftertroubles, as urinary incontinence may remain unchanged for 9 months.
Fascia and nerve-saving technique allow not to touch on ligaments of the pelvis while getting access to prostate and dorsal venous complex.
As a result, musculoskeletal system of urethra and bladder is preserved, which allows patients to retain urine after removal of a urinary catheter.
"Such surgeries still haven't not widely carried out in Russia because of technological complexity. Our technique involves almost complete absence of unpleasant surgical aftertroubles.We believe that this approach should be translated to the professional community as much as possible."- says Dr. Mikhail Yenikeyev, head of the second urological department of Sechenov University's Urology Clinic.

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