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IMG_6212_19_03_19_11_40.JPGThe new approaches to training the next generation of health professionals were presented at the "Future Healthcare" International Exhibition & Conference, held in London (the UK) on March 18-19, 2019. 

It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the B2B healthcare market, to collaborate with healthcare providers & start-up companies, and to explore future commercial opportunities.
Prof. Svistunov, Sechenov University's First Vice-rector, was among invited experts and presented the report on “Medical School: where the global healthcare begins” the next day. He came up with the current trends in digital transformation of the healthcare sector that focuses on new competencies in medical education and intellectual development. Moreover, the professor presented activities of the Sechenov University that concentrates global talents, knowledge and technology in Life Sciences, and provides the national health care sector with a task force of competent professionals. 

Prof. Svistunov emphasized that Sechenov University has adopted a concept of personalized life-long health management as a research and teaching framework, which is grounded in the recent developments in the emerging areas of biomedicine, prevention, digital health, personalized medicine, patient-centered care.  

“Global trends and challenges in health care should be considered in the context of content, methods and mode of training for the next generation of health professionals,”- noted the Sechenov University’s First Vice-rector.

The presentation based on the expert assessments and practical recommendations aroused interest and lively response of the international audience.