3 мая 2018
Sechenov University's students are the winners of #SCIENCE4HEALTH2018

The IX International Scientific Student Conference #SCIENCE4HEALTH2018 was held by the Peoples ' Friendship University of Russia on April 24-28, 2018.
The participants were students, interns, residents, graduate students and young scientists from the  Russian and foreign universities. The conference was being organized as an open competition of the scientific works in English. It was divided by various sections on basic clinical sciences and dentistry, as well as the Olympiad of manual skills in Dentistry, Surgery and Pharmacy.
The student team from the Sechenov University's Institute of Dentistry took part in the scientific section of the conference and in the competition of practical skills. Students passed tests on 4 disciplines: therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical stomatology and orthodontics. The students have shown a high professional level, that allowed them to take the 2nd place in the team event.
Moreover, Ms. Anna Chalykh took the 1st place in the open competition of scientific works on Surgical Stomatology, and Mr. Edward Levonyan became the 3rd in the Dentistry contest.

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