5 Декабря 2018
Sechenov University presents new student project: “In White Coats”

Sechenov University trains more than 2,700 foreign students from 70 countries. Each of foreign students has its own cultures and traditions. They have entered our University and put white coats on. Despite all differences in language and culture, white coats and love for medicine unite them here. 

Kama Gogia, Abkhazia (1st year clinical resident, Department for Endocrinology): 

"Sechenov University is a place where concentrates representatives of various nationalities, cultures and traditions. Each student is interested to learn as much as possible about foreign countries. I tell a lot about Abkhazia, its religion, traditions, history, dances, national mentality, and healthcare system. I have taught students from Russia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and other countries to dance Abkhazian folk dances. I was glad to treat them with our national cuisine as well. Many students have learned how to use common greetings in Abkhaz, it always cheers up in the mornings.
I’m dreaming to become a practicing physician! I have many plans, but all are related to medicine. Sechenov University is regarded as a second home for me. It’s the school of life, period of serious changes. Knowledge, advanced technologies, best practices and international friends: all this is Sechenov University."