19 марта 2018
Sechenov University participated in the European Congress of Radiology-2018

The Annual European Congress of Radiology (ECR-2018) took place in Wien (Austria) on February 28 – March 4, 2018.

The delegation of Sechenov University was headed by Prof. Sergey Ternovoy (Department of Radiation Diagnostics and Therapy of Sechenov University).

The report made by Prof. Natalia Serova on "Possibilities of 3D evaluation of postmortem MR tomograms in detecting pulmonary hypoplasia as a cause of newborn death" provoked active discussions. Within the framework of the program for young scientists Ms. Anna Babkova presented a speech on "Radiological diagnosis of desomorphine-associated osteonecrosis". Without accurate and overall diagnostics of the pathology is impossible to choose the correct and comprehensive surgical approach. In Russia this technique was developed and introduced under the supervision of Professor Natalia Serova (Sechenov University).

A result of participation in such events for young radiologists is acquaring new knowledge both for individual modalities, hybrid and integrated methods. The high level of radiation diagnostics at Sechenov University is connected with participation in such congresses. All modern methods afterwards are successfully implemented at the laboratories.

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