24 апреля 2018
Medicine of the Future: Sechenov University launches the new multidisciplinary educational programs

This year the Sechenov University will offer the new multidisciplinary specialties at the confluence of the basic medical education, research, biomedicine and innovation technologies. New specialties will be presented at the International School "Medicine of the Future" of Science & Technology Park for Biomedicine. Development of biomedical research and information technology forms a new approach to health care that requires multidisciplinary teams of physicians who should use modern scientific achievements for each patient. This year the prospective students will be enrolled on the following specialties: Information Systems and Technologies, Nanomaterials (Institute of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology), Materials Science and Technology (Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering), Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling (Institute of Personalized Medicine), Intelligent Systems in humanitarian field.
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling & Information Systems and Technologies programs will be focused on implementation of information and telemedicine technologies in medical institutions, development of intelligent processing in medical data,  digital image processing in medicine, big data processing and testing of devices and products for personal diagnostics and health screening.
One of the main goal for Nanomaterials & Materials Science and Technology program is creation of nanostructures, artificial organs and tissues, genetic control devices, biochips, as well as implementation of the diversity-oriented molecules with desired properties. Intelligent systems program aimed at improvement and application of intelligent systems in humanitarian field, creation of intelligent systems, data mining and decision support in medicine.

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