23 октября 2018
Sechenov University is creating English-speaking medical environment

Sechenov University is implementing projects for creation an English-speaking medical environment, so that doctors can become specialists in intercultural communication, participate in international conferences and publish scientific articles in English.
The first projects involved English training, especially professional translation in Medical English. The students study medical communication based on British materials and then receive Diploma in Medical Interpreting and British certificate. The second project is a special master's program in linguistics for doctors. 

"Within the framework of the program, doctors learn two languages, and become specialists in intercultural communication in medicine, receiving master's degree in linguistics," noted Prof. Irina Yu. Markovina, Director of Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communications. 

The third project is aimed at making English a part of the everyday life of University clinics. 

"We have opened a project that allows doctors to learn how to participate in scientific conferences, to analyze clinical cases in English. We are actively engaged in preparation for participation in scientific conferences in order to make our specialists to be more and more successful at international conferences. This project also includes mastering academic writing which is useful for publications in international journals", – concluded Prof. Irina Yu. Markovina.

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