15 марта 2018
Sechenov University professors at the international discussion platform

Sechenov University’s experts from the Center for Personalized Medicine & the Institute of Regenerative Medicine actively participated and made presentations at the international conference on Biomarkers Research in Clinical Medicine (BRCM-2018, Paris, France) which was held in February, 2018. Discussions were held on the emergence and development of tumors – oncogenesis and blastogenesis, prospects for biomarkers in Tissue Engineering, new technologies in Fundamental and Clinical Medicine. Our professors acted as chairmen of the innovation section “Biomarkers as a new entity through the view of personalized and translational medicine”. Moreover, they held a discussion on possible joint projects with the academic adviser of Femto-ST, Prof. Wilfrid Boireau (Institute of Optics and Electronics).

BRCM is one of the brightest scientific conferences and a platform for scientific discussions between experts and young specialists in Oncology, Radiology, Hematology, Immunology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Bioinformatics & IT technologies in medicine. 

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