28 мая 2018
Sechenov University at SPIEF-2018:  advanced technologies in medicine

Among the main discussions of the XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum were advanced technologies in medicine: evolution, revolution and management.
Prof. Petr V. Glybochko, Sechenov University’s rector, was the key expert in issues related to training of medical staff. The discussion was focused primarily on innovations in medical education.

Prof. Glybochko noted that doctors of the future should be trained within 5-6 years. As for Sechenov University, it has organized the International School “Medicine of the Future”, which trains the best students from all over the country. They study advanced technologies introduced into practical medicine. As it’s planned, most of the graduates will work at research laboratories and institutes. They will also come to the practical health care and deal with new technologies.

Sechenov University has also established Science & Technology Park for Biomedicine with innovative institutions in molecular and Regenerative Medicine, Cell Technology, Personalized and Translational Medicine, Bionic Technology and Engineering to train interdisciplinary specialists. These institutes will create not only new drugs, bio products and scaffolds for Tissue Engineering, but also will begin to train network physicians, IT-doctors, molecular nutritionists, specialist in Tissue Engineering and Nanopharmacology.

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