17 августа 2018
Sechenov University announces dual degree program with Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sechenov University presents a unique dual degree program in Reflexology. The dual degree program, implemented by Sechenov Uniniversity and Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, will provide 3 years training course. The languages of instruction will be both Russian and English.
The program offers comprehensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will allow graduates to gain maximum knowledge in TCM. Their skills may be compared with similar professional skills of TCM specialists who are educated in China.
The first 2 years the students will study in Russia, after that they will go to China for a 2 week internship. After completing 2 years course they will receive a diploma in Reflexology and will study to China for a year. Finally, they will also get a degree at Henan University of TCM. 

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