19 ноября 2018
Sechenov Unity Day has brought together more than 150 students

Sechenov Unity Day dedicated to the International Students' Day became a great opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of different nations, their cultures and traditions. It was organized by the Center for International Education on November 13, 2018.
Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Israel, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries presented their cultures and customs. The event has brought together more than 150 students from 15 different countries. This day, different interactive events like music, drawing, quiz master classes were held for the guests. For example, students from Kazakhstan showed guests how to play the “dombra” (traditional musical instrument). Malaysians showed the art of henna painting on the body, as well as their national game “congkak”. Sechenov Unity Day was ended with the eye-catching concert. All participants performed with national songs and dances. For example, students from Armenia played “uduk” (wind musical instrument) and performed folk dance "fortress". 

International activities of Sechenov University is an integral part of the highly qualified specialists training. Currently, the University enrolls about 3500 foreign students from 87 countries. Every year the number of students increases.

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