13 августа 2018
Sechenov Sports Medicine Team was awarded

Medical staff members of the national football team, who are also graduates of Sechenov University, have received Presidential Letters of Gratitude. During FIFA World Cup 2018, the Russian team became one of the top-8 footbal teams for the first time in its recent history. The Russian team was noted as one of the best in varios indicators, including physical conditions. It's necessary to remind of the fact that in the Russian sports medicine team there were 3 staff members who have graduated from Sechenov University: Mr. Eduard Bezuglov, chief physician; Mr. Mikhail Butovskiy, team physician; Mr. Runis Burkhanov, bone doctor. 

"It’s our honor to be a part of this team. Sechenov University became a basis for me that allowed to withdraw all challenges at the largest sports event", — told Mr. Eduard Bezuglov, head of the medical staff of the Russian national team, faculty member of the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of Sechenov University.

Congratulations to the colleagues with such a high award!

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