16 апреля 2018
Scientific article of the Sechenov University experts was included in the Biomedical Book (by Springer publisher)

The scientific article of the Sechenov University experts was included as a compound of the book focused on Biomedicine. It was published by the leading global scientific publisher Springer. The Chapter "Two-photon polymerization in tissue engineering" was published in the book "Polymer and Photonic Materials Towards Biomedical Breakthroughs". 

Prof. Petr Timashev, Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Ms. Anastasia Shpichka,senior research fellow of the Department of Modern Biomaterials in cooperation with the specialists of the Institute of Photonic Technologies and Hannover Laser Center became the authors of the article. The Chapter describes implementation of the methods of laser two-photon polymerization in tissue engineering.

The chapter is available on the official web-site of Springer Publishing Company:

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