27 июня 2018
Professors of Sechenov University gave lectures at 7th Prague European Tutorial of Radiology-2018

Professors of Sechenov University gave lectures at the 7th Prague European Tutorial of Radiology (PETRA-2018).

In 2011 this school for x-ray diagnostics was organized by Professor Rainer Rienmüller, chairman of the Radiology Department (Sechenov University) and Dr. Miloslav Roček, head of the Radiology Department of the Motol Charles University Clinic.
PETRA tutorial was conceived as a training school for radiologists from the countries where the Russian language is widely spoken. This year 23 radiologists from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan came to participate in the school.The school adopted an intensive system of education. Classes started at 8: 00 am with a daily visit to morning conferences at Motol Clinic. Then there're lectures till 6:00 p.m lectures devoted to major issues of radiological diagnosis and treatment. The seminars were held twice a week as well. All lectures and classes are held in English.
The lecturers for the PETRA tutorial were made by the top European and world scientists.This year lectures were given by Prof. Leon J van Rensburg (South Africa), Prof. M. Riccabona (Austria), Prof. J. Lovrenski (Serbia), Prof. E. Rubešová (USA), Prof. J. Frőhlich (Switzerland), Prof. JJ. Lee, Daegu (South Korea), Prof. K. Kukulski (Poland) and others. 
Sechenov University was presented by the following professors: Prof. Natalya Serova, corresponding member of  the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Rustam Bakhtiozin and Prof. Sergey Ternovoy, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The participation of our lectures in the European Tutorial confirms the high level of teaching at Sechenov University.

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