16 ноября 2018
Professor of Sechenov University will be live-surgery session chair at the EAU Congress-2019

Dr. Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director the Institute of Urology and Reproductive Health of Sechenov University will be live-surgery session moderator at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Annual Congress-2019. 

The EAU live surgery section is one of the most prestigious events in the world of urology. Only internationally recognized surgeons are invited to moderate the congress sessions. In 2019, representative of Sechenov University will be the session chair for the first time. This time the co-chairs will be Dr. Gosen (Clinic Heilbrunn, Germany), Dr. Lusuardi (Salzburg, Austria) and Prof. Nagel (Innsbruck, Austria), Prof. Perpiglia (Turin, Italy) and Prof. Papatsoris (Athens, Greece).
The session will present surgeries conducted by the renowned experts in prostate surgery, bladder tumors and kidney stones. Bipolar plasma enucleation of the prostate technique will be introduced by Prof. Herrmann (Switzerland). Flexible ureteroscope for kindney stones technique will be presented by top expert in this field — Olivier Traxet (France).
The Congress of the European Association of urology will be held in Barcelona on March 15-19, 2019. It will cover the whole breadth of urology in more than 300 scientific sessions.

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