Research, Cancer, Oncology
24 октября 2019
New Method Can Detect Cancer in a Drop of Blood Moscow hospitals started implementing new method which allows to diagnose cancer at an early stage with just one drop of blood. The new technology has been developed by Sechenov doctors.

The method is based on the simultaneous molecular genetic and morphological analysis using particular chemical reactions which allow to detect and localise cancer cells. The new method does not require special equipment and can be easily implemented in any medical laboratory. The diagnostic test accuracy is 90%.

‘We used not only tumor markers but also inflammatory and metabolic markers. As a result of integrated assessment we invented a whole new method,’ said Marina Sekacheva, Head of the Institute of Cluster Oncology at Sechenov University.

In 2020, the Russian Government will invest 50 billion roubles to tackle cancer. As part of Russian national healthcare project, the government is planning to create a network of over 400 outpatient cancer centres all over Russia.