27 августа 2018
MedEdPublish: Themed Issue «Humanities in Medicine»

In May 2018, Prof Gibbs (AMEE's Development Officer) inaugurated the AMEE Moscow Office at Sechenov University. Since then, things are moving forward very well.
AMEE is developing its open access post publication peer-review journal MedEdPublish. The journal has already published themed issues on topics such as The Development of Health Professional Educators and Diversity in Medical Education. In early July, it launched a themed issue entitled Humanities in Medical Education, with Prof Markovina, Jonathan McFarland (along with Prof Gibbs) acting as theme editors of this issue. The issue encourages the medical community (educators, students, researchers, etc.) to discuss and promote such a neglected today topic as humanities and humanism in medical practice and education.
This theme Humanities in Medical Education is a very good way to promote the Medical Humanities and to increase its visibility and introduce this topic to the medical community around the world. 

AMEE and this MedEdPublish can globally transform medical education. This issue began in early July, and the post publication dialogue has already begun — see the reviews and comments for the opening editorial written by Prof Markovina, Jonathan McFarland, and Prof Gibbs.
In their opening editorial, they speculate on different topics: the importance of humanities in the 21st century medicine; how medical students may benefit from learning humanities; how humanities may influence medical practitioners (like combating stress and burnout – very crucial issues) and others.
In the commentaries to the editorial, the audience has already shown active interest to the topic.

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