26 марта 2018
Massive Open Online Courses at Sechenov

Sechenov University with assistance of the educational platform Stepik has successfully developed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which are available both in Russian and in English.

Courses in "Chemistry", "Healthcare", "Economics", "Pharmacy", "Biology», "Oncology" were introduced by the University’s prominent Faculty supported by the Center for Medical Information Systems and Technologies of Sechenov University.

All courses are free of charge, primarily provided for self – study; may be useful for experts in Healthcare, as well as for high school graduates or prospective students.

List of MOOC  in English:

-Fundamentals of General Chemistry
-Principles of Regenerative Medicine
-Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

List of MOOC in Russian:

-Molecular Genetics in Oncology
-Project Management in Medical Organization
-Project Simulation of Research Activities 
-e-Health. Basic concepts
-Basics of Regenerative Medicine
-Regenerative Medicine and Tisssue Engineering


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