13 сентября 2018
Laboratory of Laser Technologies was created at Sechenov University

The Laboratory was opened at the Institute of Urology and Human Reproductive Health of Sechenov University. It became the first Laboratory of Laser Technologies in Russia. Similar laboratory also exists only at the University of Sorbonne.
The Laboratory will focus on impactstudy  of different energies on human tissues, and on new laser devices testing. With the opening of the laboratory Sechenov University is becoming one of the world leaders in Laser Surgery.
Dr. Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director of the Institute of Urology and Human Reproductive Health, emphasized that the laboratory will be actively engaged in laser lithotripsy, tumor ablation, and laser use in laparoscopic & endoscopic surgery. The Laboratory not only conducts research projects, but also deals with visual training of students, postgraduates and physicians.
Today Sechenov University is leader in Laser Surgery, which is the most promising medical area in the future. The University’s academic staff members regularly participate in the largest professional conferences. In particular, the report on comparison of thulium and holmium lithotripsy was recognized as the best session report at the European Association of Urology Congress, and the report on laser removal of bladder tumor was the best session report at the American Urological Association 2018 Annual Meeting.

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