28 марта 2018
Institute of Bionic Technologies and Engineering was established at Sechenov University

The Institute of Bionic Technologies and Engineering was established  at Sechenov University’s Science & Technology Biomedical Park in March, 2018. The Institute is primarily focused on the development of artificial organs and bionic prostheses, hemocompatible anticoagulant coatings for implants, as well as tissue engineering, smart diagnostics, and organs on chips. Current projects involve artificial heart, artificial kidney, anti-bacterial coatings for artificial prostheses and organs, nanocomposite coatings for implants of joint ligaments, implant nanomaterials for restoring bone and cartilage defects. Moreover, the Institute will develop personalized diagnostic systems to assist decision-making in the early  diseases diagnosis.

First of all, it will open 2 laboratories:
-Laboratory of Wearable Biocompatible Devices and Bionic Prosthese;
-Laboratory of Biomedical Nanotechnology.

The Institute was established in cooperation with the National Research University of Electronic Technology. 

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