12 апреля 2018
E-learning in Medical Education in Russia: Sechenov University at Geneva Health Forum

The delegation of the Sechenov University headed by Prof. Petr V. Glybochko (University’s Rector) attended Geneva Health Forum, which was held on April 10-12, 2018.

During the session devoted to the possibilities of using e-technologies in education & health care, Prof. Glybochko has presented report on the latest developments in e-learning in the Russian Medical Education. It was noted that the system of medical education using information and electronic technologies is developing in the context of digitalization of the Russian economy. Actually, the system combines needs and possibilities of telemedicine, electronic and digital health care, e-learning tools in top medical universities. As for Sechenov University, it remains to be the Center of Excellence and Innovation in E-learning in Medical Education among the Russian universities.

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