25 июня 2018
Discussion society of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine

The regular meeting of the Discussion society of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM) of Sechenov University was held on June 21, 2018.

This time it has brought together students of Cambridge University, Oxford University, King's College London, Sechenov University, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University and Tyumen State Medical University, those who participate in the UK-Russian Summer School in Innovative Surgery at Sechenov University.
The discussion society of the IRM was established on February 27, 2018. It includes students who won competition which allows them to join student community of the IRM. 
This year the scientific area is "Basics of Regenerative Medicine- 2017" course (Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine), which has been prepared by the participants of the discussion society. All course materials are translated into Russian and provided with relevant information from modern scientific national and foreign sources. The report is 20-30 minutes presentation, followed by a 30-minute discussion. In total, there are 11 reports on all relevant areas of Regenerative Medicine.

Objectives of the reports are the following:
1. Presentation of the course material to the faculty staff members, graduate students and students of the IRM, which allows  to share the latest information and monitor the main trends in Regenerative Medicine.
2. Discussion with the active participation of the faculty of the IRM.
3. Planning of further work of students  taking into account all the comments received, in order to publish a scientific article on this work.

The meeting was held in English. It should be noted that the members of the Discussion society of the IRM did not have any difficulties, cause in order to join the student community of the IRM, they had to demonstrate the appropriate level of English (not lower than upper-intermediate). It allowed them to present the report materials to their foreign colleagues and to have an interesting discussion. 
Such discussions support the international interaction of its students and professionals at various levels, and every year the close cooperation is becoming more and more active.

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