9 Января 2019
Discussion club meeting of the Sechenov University's Centre for Scientific Career: complementary feeding for infants

The third discussion club meeting of the Sechenov University's Centre for Scientific Career was held on December 24, 2018.  
"An optimal period for exclusive breastfeeding: is it time for a change?" – such a topic has provided platform for fruitful debates at the last discussion club meeting of this semester. 

Ass. Prof. Daniel Munblit, Honorary Lecturer of the Imperial College London, PhD, Department of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases of Sechenov University pointed out recent international recommendations providing a rationale for the first complementary feeding introduction. 
Most notably, in 2017 experts of EAACI, AAAAI, and ESPGHAN, world's leading institutions in the field of Pediatrics and Immunology, have proposed a period between 4 and 6 months to be the best time for first complementary feeding, which is earlier than WHO stated age of 6 months. 

"To prevent food allergy in infants and further in adult organism proper immune tolerance is needed. The latest can be stimulated by earlier exposure to diverse types of food antigens" – this instrumental argument was put forward by students in favor of the contemporary point of view. 

Prof. Munblit was really pleased to note that despite the variety of opinions among students, all the discussion club participants gave priority to personalized approach in Medicine.