6 июля 2018
Cooperation in high medical technologies with Japan

On June 21, 2018 Sechenov University held a meeting of the Russian-Japanese Center for Cardiac Imaging chaired by Prof. Viktor Fomin, Vice-Rector for Research and Healthcare of Sechenov University.

Mr. Kamatsu, Vice-President of the Medical Excellence JAPAN, Chairman of the Japanese manufacturers of medical equipment, Mr. Kamijima, Vice-President of Cannon company, Mr. Katayama, Vice-President of Cannon Europe company, Mr. Yuaz, head of the Department of Cannon company, and Prof. Rusam Bakhtiozin, co-director of the Russian-Japanese Center for Cardiac Imaging, Prof. Sergey Ternovoy, co-Director of the Japanese-Russian Center for Cardiac Imaging, Prof. Natalia Serova, Director of the Institute of Electronic Medical Education, Prof. Merab Sharia, Department of Radiology and Radiotherapy, Prof. Vsevolod Sedov and Prof. Sergey Kondrashin attended the meeting. Prof. Ternovoy presented a report on the results of the Center's activities within 2018 year and its main goals for the nearest future. He showed that the Center has performed about 6,500 studies for almost 5,000 patients on 2 tomography devices. The new and unique methods, including MSCT diagnostics, have been developed and put into practice. 

The method of quantitative assessment of blood flow in the lower extremities has been introduced and upgraded. Moreover, 32 scientific papers were published and 14 reports were presented at the international events. The faculty staff members of the Center are actively engaged in educational work. As for example, 15 students of the School of Excellence are engaged in the classroom work on a regular basis. It is especially noted that 3 young medics have completed 3-week practice at the best University Clinics in Japan.
The parties had highest regards for the achieved results of the Center. The Japanese side proposed to discuss the program for the next several years, and so it was decided to prepare an agreement on further beneficial cooperation. The Japanese side will present the new proposals within 3 months.

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