8 июня 2018
Cooperation between Russian & European dentists was successfully started

Prof. Silvio Taschieri and  Prof. Stefano Corbella (Italy) became professors of the Institute of Dentistry of Sechenov University. Prof. Tasquieri, a world specialist in unique methods of Periapical Surgery & Sinus Surgery, held the first scientific seminar at Sechenov University. Prof.Tilman Fritsch, founder of the unique biopolymer dental implants and Center for Neurometabolic Dentistry, became Professor of Surgical Dentistry at Sechenov University. Prof. Bari Marco Tatullo (University of Bari Aldo Moro), the world expert in Regenerative Dentistry, Biochemistry and Biomedicine, and Scientific Director of Tecnological Research Institute (Italy) became one of the academic staff members of the Insititute of Dentistry of Sechenov University. Prof. Massimo Giovarruscio, one of the best specialists in Endodontics, has also started working at the Department of Operative Dentistry of Sechenov University.

Cooperation is focused not only on education, but also on clinical research as well.  Sechenov University dental professionals will do internships at the European universities and medical centers. The first training course of the dental surgeons has been started on May 17, 2018 at the Clinic of Prof. Tilman Fritsch. International cooperation will stimulate further development of the Institute of Dentistry of Sechenov University and will allow the Russian specialists to integrate into the world dental community.

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