Introduction & History

The Sechenov Institute of Dentistry is a large multi-disciplinary institute that links education with high quality clinical research and medical application. The Institute of Dentistry contains 7 divisions with broad interests that are of relevance to oral health. Here, we bring together 

innovative dental curriculum, world-class facilities and in-depth knowledge and expertise. The institute is focused not only on education and research but also plays a major role in contributing to patient care. It provides direct medical input into 7 different specialty areas.

The history of the Sechenov Institute of Dentistry begins in 2001 when Professor Nikolai Bazhanov, a well-known maxillofacial surgeon and a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences initiated the opening of the Dental School at the Sechenov Academy. But as early as the 19th century our Department of Medicine had a Dental School founded by a talented surgeon, Professor Nikolai Znamensky, who made and put the world's first dental implant.