Welcome from the Director of the Institute

Welcome from the Director of the Institute

Welcome to the website of the Sechenov Institute of Dentistry, on behalf of the Director of the Institute, Professor Irina Makeeva.

Our mission is to teach, to treat, to investigate. Here, our students have an excellent opportunity to be engaged in the treatment of patients and to participate in various research programmes.

The history of our Institute began in 2001 when Professor Nikolai Bazhanov, a well-known maxillofacial surgeon and a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences initiated the opening of the Dental School at the Sechenov Academy. But as early as the 19th century our Department of Medicine had a Dental School founded by a talented surgeon, Professor Nikolai Znamensky, who made and put the world’s first dental implant.

Today, our Institute boasts seven departments and a thriving community of over 2000 students, half of which came from other countries.

We are proud that in our country our specialty is called stomatology, not dentistry, as in other countries. Thus, the new motto of the contemporary European dental education: “From dentistry to oral medicine,” we have been implementing in our practice from the very beginning of dental education in Russia.

Our strength is our team of experienced and famous Russian and European professors and young professionals who are innovative, well-educated and forward-thinking.

Here, we teach our students not only to treat dental diseases, but to consider the oral cavity as an integral part of the entire human body. We implement an interdisciplinary approach and follow the traditions of person-oriented medicine in all our programmes.

We hope you find the information you’re looking for and we look forward to you joining us as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, researcher or patient.

Professor Irina Makeeva
Director of the Institute