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The Department of Ophthalmology is one of the oldest departments of the First MGMU. The department has a rich history and experience in the organization of educational and professional work of students, which is an critical part of the training and education of the modern physician. Today, the department has leading scientists and highly qualified teachers capable to providing a high level, basic and vocational training of students. The priority of the Department is to develop new technologies in the clinic of eye diseases.

The department trains specialists in ophthalmology.

The department has the opportunity to obtain post-graduate education, is to go through a one-year clinical internship, a two-year clinical internship and graduate studies in ophthalmology.

The Department of Ophthalmology is one of the oldest departments of the country. Lecturing of ophthalmology began at Moscow University  in 1805, they was read in conjunction with surgery by Professor Hildebrandt, who at the same time taught the course of surgery and eye diseases. Professor Hildebrandt lectured until 1830. After him teaching of eye diseases led MD A.E. Evenius until 1846. Since 1836 he began teaching self-ophthalmology. As a clinical base primarily served the Eye Hospital at Tverskaya Street, founded in 1826. For that time it was a large and well-equipped hospital.  In 1846 created a new department of hospital surgery and oftalmiatrii teaching by P.F.Brosse. He was well known as the first historian of Russian ophthalmology.

In 1860, an independent Department of Ophthalmology was first opened in the University of Moscow. First time Dr. Jung was the head of the department, but he was transferred to the same department at the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy and until 1863 the seat remained vacant. In 1863, the department was headed by the chief doctor of the Moscow Eye Hospital Professor G.N. Brown, who headed the department until 1892.

Moscow Eye Hospital became the center of the theoretical and practical teaching of ophthalmology. November 4, 1892 the eye clinic was opened at the Moscow University. Since that time the Department of Ophthalmology moved into its own premises in the Virgin's Field.  Eye department in the St. Catherine hospital was opened in the same year, which was led by Professor A.A. Kryukov. Facilities and equipment of the clinic  was the most advanced. In 1897, the clinic held XII International Congress of ophthalmologists. Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Virgin's Field was appointed Professor Alexei Maklakov. In 1895, after his death the seat of the department transferred to Professor AA Kryukov. Adrian Alesandrovich Kryukov was the largest figure in the Russion ophthalmology, he published many original articles on various areas of ophthalmology.

He died in 1908. The seat of the head of the department was appointed to A.G. Lyutkevich, who held the chair for a year. From 1909 to 1917 the head of the department was Professor AA Maklakov, after whose death, leadership  was transferred to Professor V.P. Odintsov.

In 1936 he released the new textbook on ophthalmology. V.P. Odintsov together with K.H.Orlov wrote and published an excelent book  "Guide to eye surgery". In the summer of 1939, after the death of V.P. Odintsov leading of the department passed to his student A.Ya. Samoilov. The Great Patriotic War for a short time stopped the teaching work of the Department. MMI I was evacuated from Moscow and eye clinic served mostly wounded. At the january 1, 1942  Institute restart teaching. In the war years the department was headed by oldest teacher of clinic professor A.G.Chentsov.

Since 1953, the department headed by Professor V.N. Archangelsky, the author of 135 scientific works, 3 monographs, textbooks and manuals. He developed morphological direction in ophthalmology.

From 1970 to 1972 Associate Professor G.S. Kunicheva heading the Department. Experienced clinician, talented teacher, a student of professors A.Ya.Samoylov and  V.N.Arhangelsky.

Further development of educational and methodical work of the department was closely connected with the development of the unified methodological system 1 MMI. Since 1973 this work was carried out by the head of Department of Ophthalmology  M.M. Krasnov. Later he established the Scientific Research Institute of Ophthalmology. Professor M.M. Krasnov was the head of the department and at the same time the head of Institute of Eye Diseases.

Since 2002, the Department of Ophthalmology  manages by Professor S.E. Avetisov. S.E.Avetisov - MD, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2009, for the series of works "The spatial digital ultrasound study in the diagnosis of the eye and orbit diseases" he awarded the prize of  Academician M.I. Averbach for the best scientific work on eye diseases.