Since 2013 a director of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology-Andrology of is Professor D.A. Morozov. In September 2016 he was elected for 209 Cheremushkinskiy district of Moscow the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation with the subsequent election of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on health protection.

The staff of the Department consists of highly skilled children's surgeons and urologists: prof. V.V. Rostovskaya, prof. M.M. Lochmatow, associate professor A.V. Bryantsev and E.S. Pimenova; assistant M.I. Airapetian.

The main task of the department is post-qualifying education of child's surgeons and methodical work is aimed at providing teaching of «child's surgery» to the students of pediatric faculty of Sechenov University.

In November 2013 it was first created the scientific student's group at the Department , including more than 60 students of pediatric and medical faculties, and in January 2014 it was started the University project "School of skill-Pediatric Surgery", which included 10 students. Graduates of skill are competent young professionals, savvy as theoretically and practically.

The Department of Children's Surgery is organized in 2008 on the basis of Scientific Center of Children’s Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Science as the educational division which is carrying out postdegree training of children's surgeons of the country.

In 1961 on the Solyanka professor S. D. Ternovsky organized surgical service of Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Alexey I.Generalov started working as the consultant.

At that time the Department worked with problems of abdominal, thoracic surgery and surgery of a liver, including portal hypertensia.

V.N. Yermolin worked in the clinic. From 1964 till 1980, the Department was headed by Professor A.G. Pugachev.

At that time an associate professor Yermolin V.N and professor Yatsyk P. K. actively continued to work with problems of portal hypertensia, and urology.

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