3 июня 2016
The result of the National University Rankings for 2016 is unveiled. Sechenov First MSMU shares with National Research Technological University MISA grades 21-22. 
The special project by Interfax agency, launched in 2009, called “National university rating” aims to develop and test the viability of independent national university rating system.
In 2016, neither more nor less than 238 leading universities, including 13 of medical ones, were scored. This rating is derived from the analysis of collegiate activities in the following key areas: education, research, socialization (social environment), internationalization, entrepreneurship and innovation.
The Sechenov First MSMU position is neck in neck with that of National Research Technological University MISA – 21-22 places. Over three years of participation in the national university rankings FMGMU has rocketed from 49th place in 2013 to 21-22 in 2016. This is obviously great result, which looks even more valuable upon observation of the list of participating universities.
Final score:
National Universities – 2
Federal universities – 10
National research universities – 29
Pivotal universities – 11
Classic universities – 66
Technical and technological universities – 57
Economic universities – 11
Agricultural Universities – 24
Teacher-training and linguistic universities – 10
Medical universities – 13
Total – 238 universities 
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