2 июня 2016
The FMSMU Rector Petr Glybochko inspected the construction site of the new University dorm in Ochakovo district. The new building is planned to be commissioned in late 2016. In 2017, students will be allowed into this new hostel.
On June 1, the Rector examined the Ozernaya str. hostel under way accompanied by Baltic Construction Company (the general contractor) CEO Nikolai Plaksin, project manager Igor Dogadin, Vice-Rector Superintendant Ivan Ryazantsev and Acting Vice-Rector on Capital Construction Vladimir Pihtin.
The University takes care of social and living conditions of students. So, the renovation of the dormitory at Malaya Pirogovskaya str. has been successfully completed. Hi-quality refit in the rooms, new furniture and appliances, internet access and all other conditions and amenities for comfortable residence. The student dorm in Izmailovo is also currently being renovated.
For many Russian universities, including those in Moscow, the matter of student accommodation is the key issue. Nonresident students are forced to rent an apartment. But some families are not financially capable of hiring a rented apartment or room in a commercial hostel, especially, when it comes to Moscow dwelling.
The Sechenov First MSMU management believes that talented and gifted students from upcountry should be able to get admission in a leading Russian medical university. It is necessary to let them take a chance of devoting themselves entirely to acquisition of medical knowledge and skills, which is challenging and critical so. This also means somehow comfortable housing in a student dormitory.
At the end of 2016 it is planned to put into operation a new FMSMU hostel of 18 thousand square meters with 13 thousand sqm of residential premises for students and families of young professionals. Private gym, laundry room, a café and a library are in immediate proximity, on the first floor of this eleven-storeyed building. The new setting is considered for 1,100 tenants. Student dormitory section consists of 73 studios, 183 one-bedroom and one three-room units. 13 semidetached rooms are designed specifically for the disabled. Total number of accommodation places in the student wing of the hostel is greater than 900.
The project leader Igor Dogadin said that today "the facility is being operated by 110 people. In June, it will be fully glazed. The works cover both the section intended for students and that for families of young professionals". While making round Rector Peter Glybochko detected and pointed shortcomings and defects out.
"The layout is pretty good. We need to deal with ventilation and heating, let alone bathroom outfit. All the rest is well appropriate. We urge the works to be performed well and on schedule. Now, some of our people have to hire positively costly accommodations, that’s why it is crucial to let them move into the dorm, which is fully equipped and fitted with all conveniences", concluded Petr Glybochko gravely.
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