23 мая 2016
The ASRMU Winter School 2016 was held in Sochi, Russia from the 10th till the 16th of April 2016 within the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities (ASRMU). The theme of the event was “Contemporary problems in sport medicine and rehabilitation”. The School was organized by Kuban State Medical University. Representatives of 12 Russian and 22 Chinese universities member of the Association took part at the event.
The participants were warmly welcomed in Sochi, students-volunteers of Kuban State Medical University helped them with all organizational issues.
The School program was of full of scientific and cultural activities. Each day participants listened to fascinating lectures of leading Russian and Chinese professors on sport medicine and rehabilitation, studied Chinese and Russian languages and practiced traditional Chinese martial arts - Wushu. They also visited leading medical institutions of Sochi, objects of the Olympic mountain and coastal clusters, had practical training at medical center servicing the "Formula 1" contest, and students participated in the International Conference on sports medicine, rehabilitation and topical issues of clinical pathology as well as the intellectual competition "Voroshilovskiy strelok".

Students from both countries demonstrated their talents and sang the song "Katyusha" together in both languages during a concert.

In a few days alongside with new knowledge on the theme of the Winter School ASRMU-2016 the participants got acquainted with the culture and traditions of Russia and China. A great number of events contributed to the cohesion of the students.

Participation in the ASRMU School left a very good impression on the students and they shared their feelings (the original text is preserved):

1. Chen Lei from Peking University

"How time flies! It just like we met each other yesterday, and say good bye today.

But in these days, to be with my friends, I learn a lot and get lots of happiness in Sochi!

There are so many activities. For language learning, we try to learn Russian or Chinese from our lovely teacher! And teach each other popular words, of course, some of them are very interesting! But what I like best just the time with my friends! The time we learned interesting words and share our country‘s life with each other. The time we attended class together. …The time we danced to music and sang songs. The time we did sports in the gym. The time we talked about future. The time we walked along the sea... In winter school I have met so many great friends in Sochi, it is really unbelievable!

Now I really want to say thank you to everyone, especially students and teachers from Kuban state medical university. They have meetings every day to make sure we have a good time…

Even though the winter school is about to end, but I strongly believe that our friendship has just begun! And it’s my honor to meet all of you, Chinese students and teachers, Russian students and teachers, thank you very much! I strongly believe that the friendship between Russian and Chinese medical students, the friendship between Russian and China would be forever!".

2. Wang Ben from Peking University Health and science Center

"…I had never expected that I would miss these days so much when I came back to China. Miracles and exciting things happened every day in that week.

I could still remember the smelling of the fresh and moist air at the right time I went out of the plane at the airport in Sochi. I could still remember the first sight of the friends, dressed in beautiful white jacket, who were the volunteers from Kuban state medical university. I can still remember those days we had sports medicine class together, wushu class together, city touring together, and laughed together.

I am very impressed in those Russian language classes. The beautiful lady Ekaterina made great efforts to help us to learn a hard but beautiful language. At first it’s very difficult for us to understand how to say something in Russian, I could barely say some simple words such as “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you”, you name it. However, I can sing the Russian song “Катюша” at last. It’s a really exciting achievement!

I had to say I really learn a lot in the activity. I learned how the Russian medical system operates, what are the Russian hospitals like, how Russian doctors works, how patients get treated in a Russian style procedure. It’s really meaningful when compared the Russian medical system with Chinese medical system. There are a lot we can learn form each other.

Also, l made some Russian friends in the winter school. It’s a great opportunity for us to share our own cultures with each other. I really got lots of things about what is Russia like from the foreign friends. The traditional songs and dances they showed us were very interesting, which helped me a lot to understand traditional Russian cultures.

I would like to say thank you to everyone, especially the students and teachers. They really did an excellent preparation for the activity. They made a splendid schedule for everyone, and I really enjoyed every minutes in Sochi".

3. Beihua university Han Chengyu

"On the suburban train to Moscow I thought to myself, what makes me feel emptiness as I have to leave Russia soon. If it's meant to be homesickness, I at least should be born and raised in a hometown in Russia, while I'm a foreigner, a common man who is simply a student of Chinese student team, a man who looks perfectly Chinese.

I recall myself of the first day, when guys and girls from Kuban medical university carried my nameplate with a big smile… I'm greatly flattered we're being treated in such a prosperous manner. I've been told that commodity price is even higher than Moscow, but the cuisine I was offered, the accommodation I lived in, the infrastructures and location - everything were simply amazing… 

The main points of visit, the facilities of local hospital and healthcare centers were also worth remembering. When I imagine a hospital, it'll be crowded and noisy, filled by unhappy patients and stressed doctors. To my surprise, a surgeon, Nikolai, who has been working for 23 years, looked energetic and positive. I deduce the reason must be the atmosphere…

… I'm proud to have so many smart guys near me, and thankful for the lecturers and classes offered with much preparation. And I really realize without the thoughtful arrangement, the itineraries can never be such intact and meaningful. For this I'd like to express my respect and appreciation to all mentors, teachers, professors and administrative people who did really a lot for the great activities…

Finally I understand. Russia to me, just like China, is not about liking or not. It's an inseparable and elementary part of me. In spite of the appearance, the race or anything different, I am aware Russia and Russians are what my unique life is made of.

We're maybe not really near, but we're never too far. There'll be a day we'll meet again. I believe in it, I honestly do".

4. Veniamin Lazarev

"I have unbelievable impressions! We all became good friends with students from China! I would like to meet them again, they are very kind and warm-hearted. Inspite of languages difficulties we became good friends! It was very interesting to spend time together, we laughed,
have a heart to heart talk about life. Lessons of Chinese language were unbelievable. It was really interesting to learn it and I want to continue experience a wonderful world of China. But most of all I enjoyed Wushu lessons. Indeed I relaxed and gathered energies. It is very pity that they are over.

Now I am very happy to have friends from China. I wish they and their relatives be healthy. Russia and China are friends forever. I hope we will meet again and spend great time together".

At the close of ASRMU Winter School-2016 certificates and memorable gifts were given to the participants.

All students expressed thanks to Petr V. Glybochko, ASRMU co-chairman, rector of Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Yang Baofeng, ASRMU co-chairman, president of Harbin Medical University, Sergey N. Alekseenko, rector of Kuban State Medical University and others who help to organize this Winter School-2016.
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