11 апреля 2016
April 10. The Precollege (Educational Programs Center) building admitted prospective students and their parents. Despite the rainy weather and weekend day the site was virtually crowded. Over 400 Moscow senior school people, together with their mothers and fathers, attended the Welcome Day.
In September 2016 the first batch of 100 Moscow secondary school students will start training in the Precollege established under Sechenov First MSMU in line with the program School-University by the Department of Education in Moscow. During the studies the 10-11-year schoolchildren will be offered, in addition to general curriculum, with the subjects much beneficial in choosing future profession. In-depth training, characteristic only for elite schools will allow the Precollege graduates to get high exam marks guaranteeing entering any of medical universities throughout the RF.
As the theater begins with a coat rack, the Welcome Day started for those, who accepted the invitation, with an extensive excursion all over Precollege premises. The first three floors of the building consist of purely traditional classrooms. However, the fourth floor layout induced genuine excitement among the guests. The rooms reproduce hospital wards with mannequins and simulation equipment. The lecturers of the First MSMU Nursing Faculty will teach students to practice first aid, nursing and medical communication skills. Many guests, both children and their parents, immediately rushed in to try themselves in emergency care over dummies.
Then the guests were invited to the assembly hall to listen to the presentation performed by First MGMU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tatiana Litvinova.
She overviewed functioning of the Precollege and detailed its purpose. The key point of the project is early vocational guidance of high school students who would be able to get aware of the specifics of training at the medical university, being seemingly just schoolchildren. Thus, by the moment of getting the GCE they would be capable of understanding clearly enough whether it is worthwhile to go in for medicine, choosing such honorable, but thorny path of a physician.
“After graduation from the Precollege, the yesterday's school people will be able to make the right informed choice of their future profession. While training, the Precollege students will be involved in the life of FMSMU together with regular students. Physical training at the university stadium Petrel, exercises at the Department of Anatomy will be practiced throughout the course. Books, guidelines and manuals are available in the Fundamental Study Library at Zubovsky Boulevard, just like as for real students. The precollege pupils are welcome in collegiate scientific community and creative studios on an equal footing with the student body. In short, the Precollege is an opportunity to facilitate joining the university life”, concluded Tatiana Litvinova.
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