31 марта 2016
The brand new website has just been launched for those, who wish to get higher education in the Project 5-100 participating universities. The occasion has been, quite frankly, long-awaited, as previously there was no any guide for entrants on the opportunities offered by Russian universities, which are meant to become soon the leaders of higher education on a global scale.
In addition to general data on the universities the resource contains descriptions of educational programs offered to both domestic and foreign applicants. Each program profile is preceded by info about form and language of training, course duration is also specified. But the most important thing is that each program features the actual price tag, which relevance is being strictly monitored not only by site administrators and respective educational institutions, but also the functionaries of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The Office has set the bar for the Project 5-100 participants high to the utmost, as well as for organizations responsible for information support of this initiative, so not to drop the bar is the matter of honor for all those involved.
The content is constantly updated and complemented with information on new training programs and changes to existing ones, there is a newsfeed highlighting the educational stuff, the list of events related to the subject of the resource. In addition, the site delivers generalized step by step instructions, certainly useful for anyone entering the Russian university, as well as some tips, which are sure to significantly reduce the costs of any kind associated with admission to a higher education institution imposed on both the applicant and “his team” that is also much important for certain.
Special attention is paid to the training itself and stay conditions offered to foreign students. It is no secret that deciding on the question “where to study?” the youngsters, along with their loved ones, hope that their life in a foreign land would not be reduced to one and only studying. They expect that it would be filled to the brim with diverse events that leave impressions worthy of nostalgia even after many years since graduation.
In this sense, First MSMU is obviously among favorites, for rare university can compete with Sechenovka in terms of variety and eventfulness of student life, which, of course, does not detract from the merits of other Project 5-100 participants.
The site is quite usable, and its navigation does not require even intuition, so it is positively impossible to “get lost” here. The materials are delivered to the point briefly and clearly. Pages are generously illustrated, which makes the content not just vividly expressive and entertaining, but also much informative. It is believed that the site will soon burst into the top list of online resources specializing in vocational guidance of the younger generation.             
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Site administration, as well as support group of the First MSMU segment wishes to all visitors to find here the program of higher education, which would become the lifework of him or his relatives.  
Huh, I’ve almost forgotten to specify the URL: STUDYINRUSSIA.RU.
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