10 августа 2016
On June 27, Prof. Dr. Aristides Tsatsakis, the leading European specialist in toxicology, chief editor of The Open Forensic Science Journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology (Elsevier) delivered his lecture in the International School of Personalized and Translational Medicine under Sechenov First MSMU (Sechenov University).

The speaker, also presiding the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Toxicological Societies EUROTOX and heading the Forensic Sciences Research Center at the University of Crete, addressed to the audience that attended the Department of Analytical Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy conference venue. Presenting the guest, the Associate Professor Alexander Nosyrev appreciated his long-term cooperation with the Department, which is still seems to remain much promising.
The presentation "Biomonitoring of long-term effects of psychoactive substances and related health problems. Current agenda and prospects of development" highlights the biomonitoring techniques, in particular, hair analysis for detecting some specific substances previously consumed by the subject, along with a number of other scientific research tricks using interdisciplinary approach for modeling health disorders associated with drug addiction.
The matter is considered as urgent by the World Health Organization (WHO). "Substance use causes more than 400 000 deaths per year. The share of disorders caused by drugs accounts for 0,55% of the total global disease burden", states in the WHO report on global drug problem presented at the 69th Session of the World Health Assembly, which took place last spring. At the same time, the importance of "strong and sustainable procedures and mechanisms for data collection" on the effects of psychotropic substances on human health was specially accentuated.
Commenting on the appearance of Aristides Tsatsakis, the Head of the Research and Training Center under Mendeleev Russian Chemical-Technological University (RCTU), Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Michael Stillman reminded that A. Tsatsakis was graduated from RCTU, and also made special mention of his immense dedication and diligence naming him “the most outstanding toxicologist of the world" managing one of the best in Europe toxicological labs located at Crete. To conclude the congregation he invited all those present to the annual May conference to be held at Crete – a customary meeting place for the leaders of global toxicology community.

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