18 марта 2016
This year World Sleep Day is being observed around the clock under the motto GOOD SLEEP IS A REACHABLE DREAM. Actually, the Sechenov First MSMU scientific community has accumulated huge data warehouse enabling the real insight into the organic processes accompanying the sleep to deliver fundamental recommendations helping to improve the human sleep. 
The sleep phenomena and corresponding disorders have been researched in First MSMU since 1970 with establishment of specialized lab headed by future academician A. Wayne. 
Many specialists of our University can deem World Sleep Day their professional holiday, because the Sleep Research Laboratories are affiliated with FMSMU Cardiology Clinic and Nervous Diseases Clinic, whilst the University otorhinolaryngologists and endocrinologists offer treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.
The most common sleep disorder is insomnia (sleeplessness), also encompassing disturbed falling asleep and instable night's sleep. It is proven that most cases are induced by hyperarousal effects. Modern methods of treatment of insomnia include, in particular, brain activity inhibition using cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and sometimes even employing transcranial magnetic stimulation. 
Another common problem of sleep, which may be successfully eliminated using contemporary methods, is snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring is safe by no means, because it may even impair the hearing ability af the person sharing bed with somebody bearing this “lucky” habit! It is also discovered that snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea contribute to initiation of resistant hypertension, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and may cause acceleration of atherosclerosis development. 
That’s why the First MSMU sleep researchers wish you to sleep any time the sleep of the just.
Michael G. Poluektov, FMSMU associate Professor
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