11 августа 2016
Sechenov First MSMU for the last 6 months has hi-pinged in the national ranking of universities from 100 to 63 place, as well as in global ranking by 225 positions - from 4139 to 3914 line of 25,000 universities worldwide.
At the end of July 2016, the Spanish research group Cybermetrics Lab published its regular global collegiate ranking – Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. This rating assesses the representation of each considered school in the Internet environment basing on corporate website analysis. Its methodology concerns four fundamental indicators of different weights: publicity – the number of external links; presence – the number of web pages indexed by Google; excellence – quotability of scientific publications (according to SCImago); transparency – the Google Scholar Citations index. The initiative has been run since 2004.
Unlike other international collegiate rankings (THE, QS, ARWU etc.) focusing on expert opinions of the world scientific elite, the Webometrics project considering great number of universities worldwide aims at measuring all aspects of the activities of these. The purpose of the project is to promote the web publication diligence of universities, which is not only substantially breakeven than printed materials, but also involves much wider audience.
Being a key participant to Project 5-100, Sechenov First MSMU for the past 6 months has shown fairly good rating progress. In January 2016 Sechenovsky University niched the 100th place among Russian universities and 4139 position in the global rankings. Now, FMSMU shoot up by 37 positions in the national rating taking eventually the 63 line. The global ranking dynamics is as imposing as 225 items up. At the end of July 2016, our University takes the 3914 line among 25,000 universities considered.
The aggressive PR policies highlighting the reforms and transformations and transferring the best internal practices into the outer environment surely contribute to establishing new connections, informal communication between scientists and innovative development through exchange of experience and creative collaboration.
Participation in the Project 5-100 stimulates definitely dynamic turnabout accompanied with increased international cooperation, which contributes to widening the scope of scientific and educational activities. Higher positions of Sechenovsky University in such a respectable global ranking proves that the institution has already treaded beyond the national boundaries to be successfully integrated into the international scientific and educational space, taking thus its rightful place among the global collegiate leaders.
All participants in the project 5-100 displaying the rating progress reinforce the Russian Federation as a competent entry to the top-ten states in terms of representation among the best scientific and educational centers of the world.

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