23 мая 2016
May 20, 2016 Sechenov First MSMU hosted the Russian-Italian conference: "Simplicity as the highest degree of perfection. Modern technologies in prostate and kidney surgery".
The meeting was held in the Yuri Pytel memorial amphitheater in the RI of Uronefrology and Reproductive Health. At the opening ceremony the director of the clinic, Head of the Department Yuri Alyaev noted that it was Petr Glybochko, the Rector, who promoted acquisition of cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical equipment.
Every day the university urological clinic runs 25 operations in 11 operating rooms, half of these are laparoscopic using new universal surgical suture material – scored yarn Dar Win, robot-assisted surgical system Da Vinci, Epstein laparoscopic stand. The outfit is advanced so that even all those distinguished international experts are proud to put hands on it. The operations for May 20 were scheduled for surgeons from Russia, Italy and Belarus.
The theoretical part of the conference was made up with presentations and reports by Angelo Porreka (Bologna, Italy, Department of Robotic and Laser Surgery of the University of Bologna), the Urology Department Head Eugeny Bezrukov, Andrey Morozov, the Chairman of the Association of Young Urologists Denis Mazurenko, Italian professor Pierre Monod. However, the practice was the main course of the day for two hundred young doctors who watched the guest stars operations online and took part in question and answer session.
The audience was offered with three videofeeds (Eugeny Bezrukov moderated the broadcast on air in English and in Russian):
• Robotic operating theatre – robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (operator – Dr. Angelo Porekka, the leading robotic surgeon in Italy);
• Operating theatre for cryogenic and brachytherapy (operator – the Head of the Hi-Tech Treatment and Robotic Surgery, Eugeny Sirota);
• Operating theatre for main operating unit – partial nephrectomy using water jet technology (operator – Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Uronefrology and Reproductive Health, Leonid Rapoport).
Such an arrangement clearly proved that those, who are taking the surgery path, should be able to operate manually. "The open operation is always needed for retreat”, says Leonid Rapoport. “If it comes to some nuisance – bleeding at robot or laparoscopy operation – it sometimes happens, let's face it. The operating surgeon should not yell: "Call the doctor!” He must be able to "unveil" the matters and to cope with every and all complications. There’s no way without the ability to operate manually. The formula of surgical professionalism is quite simple: it is impossible to achieve perfection employing just high-tech equipment without being skilled in classics”.
Summing up the day, Eugeny Bezrukov said that such a hi-tech conference format is becoming a common practice for FMSMU, in particular, motivating the most prominent international experts to join the University’s projects. "At the beginning of 2016 First Med pros were in Italy for the similar purpose, whilst now we are taking honors of accepting the Italian doctors. The experience has shown that such conferences contribute to raising the professionalism of both noobs and even much experienced urologists.
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